5. Simulation studies of water-drive gas reservoirs including the effect of aquifer size and strength and rate sensitivity studies of gas recovery.
6. Comprehensive analysis of the production of natural gas from Devonian shales, including a definition of the process, study of well testing procedures and test analysis techniques and sensitivity analysis of various reservoir and stimulation parameters.
7. Analysis of geothermal/geopressure well tests including a sensitivity study of the effects on production and ultimate recovery of pressure dependent rock properties.
8. Studies of the gas from coal process including all aspects of production from the screening of prospects through the conceptual design phase as well as full field developments including the drilling/completing and testing of wells.
9. Analysis of tight gas reservoirs including single well analysis as well as interwell interference. Many of these single well studies have included the pre and post reservoir analysis of hydraulically fractured wells. In many cases, the fracture design was also made.
10. Gas utilization and production studies requiring the application of a wide range of technology to allow a complete analysis of multiple reservoirs under alternate development programs, and integration with surface facilities as pipelines, gas plants, compressor and end users.
11. Single well coning studies including both gas/water and oil/water systems.
12. Reservoir studies of water-drive oil reservoirs and the design and implementation of waterflooding.
13. Provided project management to industry funded (multiple companies), Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) contracts, as well as large reservoir management studies for both operating companies and foreign governments.
14. Property appraisals and economic evaluations for banks and operating companies.
15. Compositional studies of volatile oil and gas condensate reservoirs including gas cycling and vaporization studies.

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